What is a system bet?

A system bet is a type of bet that will allow you to win even if not all of your selections are winning. 

A system bet may be consisted from several different combinations and single bets. As soon as you may add 2 or more selections the system bet tab is active in the betslip section of the account and you can place your system bet once all the selections are added in the betslip. 

The number of possible system bets depends on the number of predicted outcomes. The available system bets will appear in your betlsip according to the events selected.

To win the system bet you will have to correctly predict a specific amount of events from the system bet. For example if we have selected 3 events and we place a system bet of doubles for 10 Euro each (3 bets in total with same stake each) this would cost us 30 Euro in total. If any 2 of the 3 events are correct the bet will result in a payout. Such payout is calculated multiplying the odds of the winning selection with the stake of that specific bet (not of the full bet amount). So in our example we have 3 double bets combining the outcomes of 3 different events A,B,C between them making up the following double bets AB, AC and BC.  These 3 doubles were placed for 10 Euro each so 10 Euro for AB, 10 Euro for AC and 10 Euro for BC. If selection BC were correct but selection A was wrong the bet still pays out one of the 3 doubles accordingly multiplying the respective odds selections with the respective stake. (ie. Bet placed on 3 events with odds of A-2.50 ,B-3.50 and C-4.0 the bet was of 3 doubles with 10 Euro each so in total we spend 30 Euros to place this bet. The outcome of A and B were correct but of C was wrong. The payout is as follows 10* 2.50* 3.50 =87.5 Euro)  So in this example despite the fact that we didn’t win all our selections we still got a payout form the bet.

The payout from system bets depends on the odds and in some cases may be lower than the original stake. 

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