How to use the free bet token

A Free Bet is an amount that can be used to place a sports bet. If your bet wins, the net winnings (winnings minus stake) will be credited as cash into your account balance.

For example, a winning €10 Free Bet Token placed at odds of 3.00 will return a net amount of €20 as the initial stake of €10 Free Bet Token is not returned.

How to use the free bet token:

1) Add your sports selections to your betslip.
2) Enter the stake value you wish to use.
3) Tap on "Freebets" to see the dropdown menu.
4) Activate your free bet token using the toggle. Your free bet will be activated when you see a tick mark on the toggle.
5) Place your bet.



1. Can place a bet for an amount greater than my Free Bet?
Yes, If the stake is higher than your available Free Bet token the additional funds required will be taken from the main wallet.

2. Do I have to use my Free Bet token in one bet?
No, you can place a number of different bets using your Free Bet balance.

3. I cannot see my Free Bet Token.
If you do not see your Free Bet Token in your betslip, try to refresh the page before adding your selected bet.

4. Can I use my Free Bet token on any bet?
We recommend you check the terms and conditions for any specific requirements, such as a certain sport or bet type.

5. Can I withdraw my Free Bet Token?
Free Bet tokens cannot be withdrawn, but winnings generated from Free Bets will be credited to your main wallet and are free to use at your disposal. Your original Free Bet stake will not be returned to you.

6. Can I get cash/bonuses instead of Free Bets?
No, the Free Bet is your bonus and is non exchangeable.

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