What are the minimum and maximum deposit amounts?

Is your account balance getting low? You can add money by depositing any amount you choose. However, there are minimum and maximum amounts you can deposit for each transaction.

The minimum amount you can deposit with each transaction is 10 euros. This is always the minimum amount for any deposit.

On your first deposit, the maximum amount for this transaction is 5000 euros. After your first deposit, your maximum amount will go up to 10.000 euros for every deposit transaction.

Deposits for young adults

Please keep in mind that the maximum deposit amount is set to 400 euros for young adult players (ages 18-23). This is also the maximum monthly deposit amount for this age group.

Depositing responsibly
Should you want to take extra steps to control your spending, you can always consider setting daily, weekly, or monthly deposit limits as an added safety measure. This article will teach you more about deposit limits.

Holland Casino Online takes care to provide a safe and responsible gaming environment for you as a player. That’s why we offer a selection of tools to help you keep your time in our online casino responsible, safe and fun. You can find more information about our Responsible Gaming Tools in this article.

Are you having trouble making a deposit? This article provides a step-by-step guide on how to deposit money into your Holland Casino account.

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