What is safe and responsible gaming and how does it affect me?

The idea behind safe and responsible gaming is perhaps best described in our motto "Live Adventurously, Not Recklessly”.

Holland Casino always aims to provide a safe gaming environment where you can enjoy responsible, honest gameplay. This means that we provide active support to make sure that playing in our casino remains a fun game.

However, as is the case with everything in life, too much of a good thing can become a bad thing. Playing casino games is a fun pastime. But when this pastime starts to negatively impact your life, you might need a helping hand to retake control.

This is why we offer a set of responsible gaming tools to help you set limits or (temporarily) prevent yourself from accessing our casino. These are voluntary restrictions you can place on yourself whenever and however you choose. However, if things start to go downhill, know that we are there to step in when necessary. Feel free to check out this article to learn more about these Responsible Gaming Tools.

Signs of irresponsible gaming behaviour

For most players, playing casino games will rarely be anything but a fun pastime. But from time to time, you might behave in a way that is different than you usually play. You might feel the need to deposit more than you would otherwise be willing to spend, for example.

It’s not always easy to recognise signs of irresponsible gaming behaviour. That’s why you should stay alert if you recognise any of the following signs in yourself:

  1. You are no longer playing just for the fun of the game
  2. You are playing online more often and for longer periods than you intended, even when you should be doing other things instead
  3. You are thinking about the game more and more often. Thoughts about the game are always running through your head and you can only relax when you are playing
  4. You think you have ‘cracked the system’, and you forget you are dealing with games of chance
  5. You are playing for extended periods; you struggle to quit and lose track of time
  6. You are losing control when playing casino games. You start making up excuses or lying to other about your gaming behaviour
  7. You start having problems with people around you. You fail to stay in touch with people and get angry when they say something about your gaming behaviour
  8. You fall into financial trouble. You’re taking on debt or borrowing money just to play. You feel the need to make up for losses by playing more
  9. You want to quit but can’t. You feel down, guilty or ashamed about your gaming behaviour

If you experience an of these signs, we want you to know that we can help. Feel free to call us on +31 23 456 8241 if you want advice on taking back control. Alternatively, you can learn more about organizations that offer specialist support by reading this article.

A good way to gain insight into your own gaming behaviour is to take our self-assessment test

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