What organisations provide professional support in the Netherlands?

Would you like more information about gaming and the risks it involves? Or are you looking for help in regaining control of your gaming behaviour? If you’re experiencing negative effects from gaming, you can contact a number of professional support providers to seek help in regaining control. Holland Casino Online recommends the following organisations to its players:


If you would like to ban yourself from all providers of games of chance, please register with CRUKS. CRUKS is an acronym for ‘Central Register of Exclusion from Gambling’. You can register if you feel you are no longer in control of your gaming behaviour. You will then be banned from playing with any registered gaming provider in the Netherlands for six months.

Loket Kansspel

Loket Kansspel offers free, anonymous help and guidance to people with gambling problems. As the central support point in the field of gambling problems, they can offer direct support themselves or refer you to other support organisations in your area. Loket Kansspel is available 24/7 for players and their families facing gambling related problems.

Ready For Change

Ready For Change is a well-known addiction support provider in Rotterdam that specialises in all addictions, including gambling addiction. It offers short-term and effective treatments.


Hervitas is a specialist treatment provider for gambling and gaming addiction.

The AGOG Foundation

If you are looking for self-help groups, AGOG is a good place to start. AGOG provides support through meetings for people with a gambling addiction and their loved ones across the whole of the Netherlands.

Responsible Gaming Tools

Besides recommending professional organisations, Holland Casino offers a variety of Responsible Gaming tools to help you control or limit your gaming behaviour. Feel free to read this article to learn more.

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