What is my maximum balance and how do I set it?

The Automatic Withdrawal Limit (and its maximum balance setting) is a responsible gaming tool we offer to help you limit the amount of money you can spend on our website.

To set your maximum balance, please log in to our website and click on the avatar icon in the upper right corner of the screen. This will open your account overview, where you can click ‘Safe & Responsible Gaming’ and then select ‘Automatic Withdrawal Limit’ from the drop-down menu that appears:


In the Automatic Withdrawal Limit menu, please use the first box to enter the limit you wish to set for an automatic withdrawal to happen:


This limit will be your maximum balance; the amount of money you enter in the first box will be the maximum amount your balance can reach. Any winnings that exceed this amount will be automatically transferred to your bank account.

In the second box you can choose how much will be left on your balance after the automatic withdrawal. The total withdrawal amount will be the difference between this amount and your maximum balance, plus any winnings that exceed your maximum balance.

A reminder

Please keep in mind that a decrease of your maximum balance will happen immediately, while an increase of this limit will only take effect after a 7-day cool off period.

For more information on automatic withdrawals, please read this article.

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