What are Login Limits and how can I set them?

Login Limits are one of the Responsible Gaming Tools Holland Casino Online offers to help you limit the time you spend on our website.

Should you wish to limit your playtime in our online casino, you can log in on our website and click the avatar icon in the upper right corner of the screen. Next, please click ‘Safe & Responsible Gaming’ and select ‘Login Limits’:


This will open the Login Limit menu. Here you can choose to set a maximum amount of time you can spend logged in every day, week or month:


You can set the maximum days, hours and minutes you wish to spend online for every period. When you’re done, please click ‘Confirm’ to save your changes.


The maximum allowed time per day is 8 hours.

A Reminder

Please keep in mind that a decrease of your limits will happen immediately, while an increase of your login limits will only take effect after a 7-day cool off period.

Need more information?
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